Sunday, August 9, 2020

7 lies of civilation

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Teams of people have done a lot of thinking to come up with the 12-around-1 sector model, making sure that nothing is left out. More and more organizations are using this model, including:

Evolve (

Citizens Solutions Council or Strategic Global Solutions

Humanity Unites Brilliance (

The Institute of Noetic Sciences (

Shift in Action (

Summer of Peace (

Transpartisan Alliance (

The Sectors are currently identified as follows (in alphabetical order):

Arts: The realm of creative expression through various media.

Economics: The science that deals with the production, distribution, consumption and management of goods, services and currency.

Education: The realm of intentional learning - the gathering of knowledge and understanding.

Environment: The surroundings in which we live; the natural world as whole – including ourselves.

Governance: The administration of authority and leadership of a community.

Health: The vitality, well being and wholeness of a living system.

Infrastructure: The underlying physical structures and systems to support human society.

Justice: A way of protecting each individual's innate rights.

Media: The means of disseminating information and entertainment among people.

Relations: The field of human interaction: with sensations, emotions, thoughts, other beings, and the environment.

Science: The ordering of knowledge by thesis, experiment and conclusions.

Spirituality: The exploration and experience of our fundamental metaphysical nature as spirit.

Worldview: The beliefs we have about ourselves, life, and the Universe that shape how we interpret what we experience.

5 principle of self determination

one must pass thru  three barriers to begin the process of self - organization

thoughts, emotions and deeds must pass thru first of three gates, then these filters.

one: is it true? factual, evidence based, verifiable per reviewed and subject to falsification.
two is it kind?  compassionate, prevents harm, reduces suffering.
three: is is necessary? practical, useful helpful.
four is it sustainable? to build legacy does it serve the 7th generation.
five is it inspiring? to engage self emergence relevant, adaptable.

what is truth?
what is compassion?
what is practical?
what is sustainablity?
what is emergence?


do what thou wilt, yet, harm ye, none.
universal right to self determination.
regulate self determination until no harm is reached

freedom from exploitation
suppress the freedom to exploit others

absolute right to self governance.

No right is more sacred to a nation, to a people, than the right to freely determine its social, economic, political, and cultural future without external interference. The fullest expression of this right occurs when a nation freely governs itself. We call the exercise of this right Self- Determination. The practice of this right is Self- Governance.
                                 - Joe De La Cruz

second principle: universal commons

1. universal commons earth: access to resources food, shelter, heat, material goods, security and travel
2. universal commons water: all have access to life sustaining clean water and travel
3. universal commons air: access to clean life sustaining breathe and travel
4: universal commons to fire/media: represents universal access to all forms of communications, digital space, educational and entertainment
5. universal commons of space: represents universal access to the future of human spirit of endeavor, satellites, travel, colonization where possible.

all environmental interfaces are regulated as universal commons. governed in these 5 categories.

third principle
self development

once the basic mechanisms of survival is satisfied. the 3rd level of universal access to the emergent progression. for the express purpose to follow the maslovs theory of needs

forth principleemergent transition dharma fulfillment

individual participation in society government is based on self determination of this framework.
to fulfill potential and purpose.

5th principal
social organization

self exclusion and social concentration coalescence into affinity groups based on these self determination, self-actualization, transcendent realization of purpose of being meets intentional communities and work groups, think tanks, institutes and universities. your community is out there. find your tribe!

locations: new cities 
dont like your government start your own 200 miles off shore in international waters.

after sufficient growth and self evolution these emergent groups can organize into theses alternatives.

NOTE: several agencies are currently in development and in the design phase.

1. underground
2. underwater/ocean surfaces
3.floating blimp cities
4. orbit cities
5. extra-planetary colonies.